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We are Madre.

The careful hands of the designers that long for the table memories.

We are graphic designers who discovered that traditions need to be heartwarming. That's what we do. We are grateful to the table as the place for honest ideas. Humble at heart. As we toy with the soul, we work the reflection of the marble Scandinavian lust, the one that takes time to settle in and feels great to be part of, because it is rich. We have fun with these objects.
We create them to inspire the ones that come after and age forever. They have time to be nourished and built: just like relationships. We are in fashion with function. Madre loves design, that's actually who we are, communicating with ceramics, metal and kindness. We articulate love and care for the sunset with a systematic approach to feel good.

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R. José Falcão 156, S3
4050-350 Porto

+351 919 119 717
+351 919 104 070
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Casa Mãe
Lagos, Portugal

Out to Lunch
Porto, Portugal